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The Yudowski lab recently published two new articles on G-protein coupled receptors

In this photo, first author Francheska Delgado-Peraza models recent advances in protective labwear. Congratulations to the Yudowski group !

Mechanisms of Biased β-Arrestin-Mediated Signaling Downstream from the Cannabinoid 1 Receptor. Delgado-Peraza F, Ahn KH, Nogueras-Ortiz C, Mungrue IN, Mackie K, Kendall DA, Yudowski GA.
Mol Pharmacol. 2016 Jun;89(6):618-29.

Imaging GPCRs trafficking and signaling with total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy in cultured neurons. Delgado-Peraza F, Nogueras-Ortiz C, Acevedo Canabal AM, Roman-Vendrell C, Yudowski GA. Methods Cell Biol. 2016;132:25-33.